Next Generation
Inflation Technology

The Original
Hard Shell Harness

The Air Box Electric Pump

The technology evolution for kites, wings, and boards has rapidly improved to enhance your experience on the water.

Roam Travel Harness

Core minimalist or the world travels looking to save space, Ride Engine now brings you the Roam harness. Traveling with gear these days can be hard between the puzzle to fit boards, kites, sails, foils, etc., and the nightmare that is an overweight bag.

Onsen Wetsuits

We are proud to introduce our all-new Onsen line of wetsuits, constructed with 100% Yamamoto #40 neoprene. Protecting and preserving our oceans, seas, and rivers—our playgrounds, our livelihoods, our sacred spaces—drives our relentless efforts to develop and build our wetsuits with materials that are uncompromising in sustainability, lifespan, and performance.

Vinaka Pro

A next-level wing foiling harness for next-level wing foiling, the Vinaka Pro has a unique thermo-molded design that delivers superior support and clean, shadow- like fit for fatigue-free, maximum-efficiency riding. The Vinaka Pro’s inset support band doesn’t absorb water, which keeps everything ultralight and dry, no matter how long your session. A sliding harness hook completely moves to either side for ease of padding and keeping your board ding-free.